Hessonite is a gem quality variety of grossularite (grossular) garnet, the calcium-aluminum silicate member of the garnet species. While most varieties of grossularite are green, hessonite is known for its characteristic honey-yellow to brown-red ‘cinnamon’ color, though it can occur in other colors as well.

Hessonite Gemstone is a variety of Grossular Garnet that is rich in iron and manganese. Hessonite originates from calcium aluminum silicate and it is usually found in Honey colored to a yellow-orange color.

The name Hessonite comes from the ancient Greek word Esson, meaning inferior, because of the stone’s low density and hardness, compared to other kinds of garnet.

is also known as “Gomed” as per Indian astrology. Hessonite is the gemstone of Shadow planet Rahu and Planet Rahu is supposed to be liable for all types of delays or very late fulfillment of goals. Hessonite Birthstone is also called Gomeda in Sanskrit.

A pure and transparent Hessonite gemstone having a delicate hue, brilliance, luster, and uniform color neutralize the evil effects of Rahu, and if Rahu is well posited it gives beneficial results during its major period and sub-periods, removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth.