Zircon is a gemstone with incredible brilliance and color flashes of fire. It is considered to be a rare gemstone, but is actually a very common mineral in the earth and the oldest known gemstone of any kind formed on Earth.

Zircon comes closer to resembling  than any other natural gem. Its strong  and intense  gives it a real sparkle that is comparable to Diamond. However, its popularity is somewhat diminished by the fact that it is often perceived as an inexpensive Diamond imitation. Colorless Zircon is easily distinguished from Diamond by its strong  and lower hardness.

The brilliantand fire of Zircon, combined with its good and range of colors, make it a most desirable gem. However, it does have some undesirable traits. An interesting and strange habit exhibited in only few Zircons is that their color darkens and their luster dulls upon prolonged exposure to sunlight. This effect can be reversed by giving the stones a second Zircon is also prone to cracking and chipping if banged too hard. For this reason, care must also be taken when Zircon gemstones. Another important factor when faceting Zircon is to minimize the appearance of its strong by cutting along proper angles. Zircons that are not faceted propely can appear blurry, due to strong double refraction.

Zircon is sometimes confused with Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia, a synthetic, inexpensive Diamond simulant, resembles colorless Zircon and has a similar sounding name. However, the two are entirely separate substances, and have no connection with each other except for the fact that they both contain the  zirconium in their